Swimming Sports at Saint Dominic’s was held on Wednesday, 24th February. It was a very hot walk to and from Westwave, and an even noisier day while our houses clashed both in and out of the water. Congratulations to all our awesome swimmers who competed individually and as a team. It was a great day to enjoy chanting and rivalry.

Central Western Zones will be held on the new date of  Thursday, 1st April at Westwave. Congratulations to Carolann Faeamani, Melody Sullivan, Bethany Friend, Stella Hammond, Amanda Saw, Sienna Mulcahy, Cayla James and Roberta Gascu for qualifying for Western Zones, and Poppy Arkle, Fleur Stone, Ronelle Moolman, Laura Hammond, Rebekkah Friend and Amogh Tyagi for qualifying for Yr 7&8 Western Zones.