School Sport Update

All school sporting events and competitions are now on hold until July 20th, the beginning of Term 3. This nationwide suspension was announced yesterday by School Sport New Zealand and applies to all sports that would have been played in Term 2. For St Dominic’s students, this means the netball, basketball, hockey, football, badminton and other sporting seasons that were due to start have been significantly interrupted. Seasons will be shorter and fees adjusted accordingly. Despite the delay, we will continue to work alongside the relevant organisations to deliver the best possible sporting experience we can for students given the circumstances. 

In addition to the shorter seasons, winter tournament weeks will look very different should they go ahead. The current goal is for smaller, regional tournaments to take place instead. This, however, will depend on government alert guidelines, the financial viability to run and attend these events and schools/organisations having enough lead in time to organise accordingly. Further information regarding these tournament weeks and more details on what school sport will look like will be shared with our college community following the next announcement on May 11th from School Sport NZ.

When the time comes for us to return to college grounds, our sports department will look towards starting training and sporting competitions within our school community as soon as we can. We aim to provide opportunities for all students to remain active and prepare for the beginning of the new winter sporting season, whatever that may look like. For now, we encourage students to engage in physical activity through any resources available and appreciate that one day, sport will return to normal.