The responsibilities of the player are to:

  • Play by the rules
  • Never argue with an official
  • Work hard to do my best at all times
  • Turn up to practice
  • Be a good sport and recognise good players and plays by all involved
  • Remember to thank my coach, the officials, the opposition and supporters
  • Help others in my team when I can
  • Avoid putting people down or bullying them
  • Give it heaps and not get ugly

The responsibilities of the Team Captains are to:

  • Lead by example in terms of actions,dress, behaviour, attitudes and fair play
  • Action the respective coach’s directions on the field/court
  • Support all St Dominic’s Catholic College players, both on and off the field/court
  • Encourage all players to uphold the school rules and fair play principles
  • Liaise with the respective coach/team manager about any team problems
  • Approach the Match Officials regarding clarification of rules
  • Assist with:
    o issuing and collecting equipment
    o tidying changing rooms and facilities used
    o players who need transport.
  • Ensure that the team recognises the efforts of coaches/managers who give up their time to assist. This may be done through :
    o writing a letter of thanks
    o collecting donations from players and purchasing a gift
    o inviting them to team functions
    o thanking them at team functions
  • Ensure the Veritas Values of St Dominic’s Catholic College are fully displayed on and off the field and that team members are encouraged likewise, particularly in difficult and confrontational situations.