Hockey 1

Teacher in Charge



Practice Times & Venue

Match Days & Venues

Harbour Hockey and away, 1st XI – Thursday, 2nd XI – Friday

Uniform & Gear

1XI and 2XI team – Hockey Dresses $53.50 and School Sports Socks $15.50. Both can be purchased from Elizabeth Michael or Second Hand Dresses may be purchased from the Sports Office

Approximate Cost

1st & 2nd XI: $185

Latest News


Congratulations Breanna Ah Sam 9SM, Grace Kairua 11PG and Suluama  Vaeau-Mulitalo 10RP on qualifying for Auckland Athletics Championships. The Central Western Zone Athletics meet was extremely

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Why Do Kids Play Sport?

Check out this article where ‘Good Sports’ explains why kids play sport. http// “Ensuring Kiwi kids have positive sporting experiences has lasting and wide-ranging benefits

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