Sports Captains

The Sports Captain’s role is to help the Sports Department in organizing all interhouse sports competitions. They also help co-ordinate all sports team results and the presentation of sports results and achievements in assembly and organize other sports related activities. They assist the Sports Department with the organization of the annual Sports Prizegiving.

Interhouse Competitions

There are 2 major interhouse sports competitions during the year in which all students participate: Athletics Sports and Swimming Sports. We also have minor interhouse competitons running throughout the year, known as House Sports. During this week, various sports competitions are held during lunch breaks and may include netball, volleyball, capture the flag and multi-flag.

Sports Uniforms

Appropriate sports dress for:

1. Sports Practices: All players walking or travelling on public transport (including taxis) to or from sports practices must wear the full school uniform.
2. Sports Matches: Only 100% correct sports uniforms for your sport is acceptable. Any player incorrectly dressed may not take the field. Check with the Sports Co-ordinator so that you know what your sport requires and make the necessary purchases from the schoolwear shop before your sport starts.

Additional Team Gear

Teams are not allowed to purchase an extra team ‘t-shirt’ / warm-up shirt / polar fleece top etc. without prior permission from the Head of Sport.

Sports Notices/Fixtures/ Cancellations

All students must make a regular routine of checking the Sports Notice Board which is situated in the gym foyer, outside the Sports Office and their Sport Team Page on the Sports Website. All important notices and draws will be placed on these. Students are responsible for checking the board and webpage before leaving school.

Absence from sports practices or games

Sickness or injuries are acceptable excuses for not participating at games or practices for Sport but you must contact your coach, manager or team captain as soon as possible. Please try to give the coach a minimum of 24 hours notice of injury if you cannot participate in an upcoming game. Even if you are injured, you are still expected to attend practice to learn team drills, tactics and support the team. If you can’t do this don’t participate.

Sports Registration and payment

Once registrations are complete, lists of all participants in each sport are placed on the sports notice boards. It is the responsibility of all students who have signed up to check these lists. Students are not permitted to cross their names off the lists-they must go and see the Sports Co-ordinator with the reasons for wanting to take their name off a list. Anyone failing to go through the correct procedure to “de-register” may be charged full fees or cancellation fees for the sport they withdraw from.

Payment for sports can be done via the Sports website or through the School Office. No payments will be taken through the Sports Department. Payment for sports is expected before the commencement of the season. Failure to do this will result in the student being unable to take the field/court.