Coaches’ Responsibilities

  • Ensure the conduct of all team members and people associated with the team are consistent with the Special Character Policy of the school.
  • Coaches will be responsible for the conduct of their players during practice and game time
  • Ensure compliance with the Fair Play Charter, which has been adopted by the College.
  • Coaches will always offer encouragement and positive feedback
  • Coaches must acknowledge that all players are individuals and must be treated with respect and dignity .
  • Attend Sports Code specific meetings.
  • Coach sport for the development of the individual and the team, enabling the fulfillment of each team and individual’s potential in alignment with the Growing Coaches Programme.
  • Coaches must understand they are there to develop the athletes, and therefore need to conduct themselves in a manner that empowers the athletes to develop
  • Conduct themselves in a respectful and supportive manner

Team Managers’ Responsibilities

  • Reinforce behaviour consistent with the Special Catholic Character of the College and its policies.
  • Managers need to understand their role in the team and act within this role
  • Managers will work collaboratively with the coach on all aspects of team management
  • It is the manager’s role to work with the players and/or their parents to ensure they arrive on time, at the correct venue, with the correct equipment and uniform
  • Managers are part of the team, not a supporter
  • Conduct themselves in a respectful and supportive manner
  • Act honestly, respectfully and in the best interest of the athletes
  • Take photos throughout the season for use in Sports Prizegiving and the School Magazine. Hand in to the Sports Co-ordinator at the end of the season.